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Natalia Bimbirayte headed the Legal Development Network
  • Written by Oleksandra Yermolayeva, IRC "Legal Space"
  • Published in  Events
Natalia Bibmirayte (second right) with colleagues at the Network Meeting. Photo courtesy of IRC "Legal Space"
Natalia Bibmirayte (second right) with colleagues at the Network Meeting.

Director of IRC "Legal Space" Natalia Bimbirayte was elected the Chair of Legal Development Network.

Representatives of 22 NGOs-members of the Legal Development Network met at a general meeting in Chernihiv on October 10. Among the issues that were considered at the event was the election of a new Chair of the Board of the Legal Development Network.

Within 2 years the Chair of the Board Olena Matviychuk decided to leave this post.

The members of the meeting unanimously elected the head of the IRC "Legal Space" Natalia Bimbirayte as the Chair of the Board.

“I decided to nominate my candidacy for this post; for the last many years my life is what we are doing... The Legal Development Network should become the most powerful network in Ukraine that deals with legal aid, law education, community development. My main objective is to unite all organizations-members of the Network. We need to develop each member of the Network, engage in fundraising. The Chair of the Board depends on the climate throughout the organization. It should be transparent, warm”, noted Natalia Bimbirayte.

Reference. Natalia-Danuta Antano Bimbirayte

nataliya bimbirayte

Photo from Facebook

Human rights activist, public figure with 18 years of experience in organizing human rights and lawyers' campaigns. Author and head of numerous social projects. Natalia has experience in organizing cultural events that promote strengthening the interstate Ukrainian-Lithuanian relations.

Higher economic education.

Since 2015 - head of the NGO "Information Resource Center "Legal Space". The Legal Space website is an information platform of the Civic Association "Legal Development Network", which consists of 23 NGOs (hereinafter referred to as the LDN). The main areas of activity of the LDN are legal empowerment, protection of human rights and freedoms, development of communities.

2012-2015 - Development Director of the Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation, editor of the Vrogu website.

1998 - 2012 - Chair of the Executive Committee of the Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation.

Since 2007 - member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, specialization - journalistic investigations.

Producer of the series of documentaries "New Heroes", "Assol", "The Southern Border", "Rotation" (2011-2014), "The Beach for the British Lord" (2000), weekly human rights TV magazine "The Right Bank" (18 issues), documentary television films "Ask for Protection", the documentary "The New Family" (1999-2000).

Graduated from Pima Community College (Tusson, Arizona, USA, 1999); after studying with the best specialists of Ukraine received the status of regional consultant on NGO management (Counterpart Alliance for Partnerships, 2000-2001). Graduated from the Human Rights School of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw, Poland, 2002), 2003 - Study visit to the Danish Institute of Human Rights. Study tour: arrangement of democratic institutions of Poland of different levels and forms of ownership: local government, state structures, NGOs, newspapers (2004, PAUCI); Internship in Civic Responsibility (Ames, IA (Iowa), USA, Open World Program, 2006) School of Newspaper Managers (EEDC, Polcka Pomoc, RPDI, 2007). 2012-2013 is a member of the three-step training program for Local Newspapers (EEDC, Poland, Stowarzyszenie Wschodnioeuropejskie Centrum Demokratyczne), which included trainings: "Modern newspaper editing", "New form of infographics", "Journalist photos", "Internet". 2014 - training on digital security for media resources (Internews-Ukraine) and graduate of the School of Organizational Development (International Renaissance Foundation). 2015 - internships for managers in Poland and Denmark - with examples of public campaigns implemented for Participation of national and local mass media. All actions contributed to solving certain social problems or served as an incentive for activating citizens in favor of the public good. Initiators of the campaign were both mass media and NGOs, state institutions and business (Eastern European Democratic Center (EEDC, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and Denmark).

Co-author of publications on law-education topics: a textbook entitled "Human rights For Hard Nuts", a brochure "Legal Support For Freedom of Speech In Kherson Oblast" (published by NGO "Pivden’" and Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation) and  the manual "A step ahead" (published by Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation, IRC “Legal Space "and Legal Development Network).

From 2011 till now - coordinator of programs for establishing cooperation between Ukraine and Lithuania in the Kherson oblast.

Since March 2014 – volunteer coordinator of the Coordination Center for the assistance to the military in the Kherson oblast;

From 2015 - Advisor to the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in the Kherson oblast Viktor Popov.

Since 2016 - Chair of the Board of the Kherson City Civic Organization "Cultural Center “Ukraine-Lithuania", member of the Board of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the Legal Development Network, NGO "Pivden’".

Awards: the medal "For sacrifice and love for Ukraine" (2015), medal "For Dignity and Patriotism" (2016).

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