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The second series of the Lessons of the Romani Language (video, pdf) is released
The second series of the Lessons of the Romani Language (video, pdf) is released The video tutorial "Greetings, family, house".

From July 17, the second series of the educational video "Lessons of the Romani Language" is in public access. This is the second thematic cartoon, created by a team from Lviv led by a young Roma activist Oleksandr Grygorychenko. Legal Space waited for the premiere on YouTube and introduces viewers to the new animated video.


"Greeting, family, house" is the theme of the second animation video lesson of the Roma language, which was invented and developed by an activist of the Lviv city civic organization "Roma of Ukraine. Ternipe” Oleksandr Grygorychenko. The pilot series “Calculation, Colors and Days of the Week" was released in November 2016.

Oleksandr works with a team of like-minded people on a project supported by the Roma Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation. The titles indicate 11 members involved in the film, among them - members of the NGO "Roma of Ukraine. Ternipe".

This time, everyone who wants to study Romani, will learn the words "mom", "dad", "grandmother", "grandfather", "brother", "Good afternoon!", "How is your health?", "How are you?", Happiness, 100 years of life, happy road and good night, will study the names of the furniture located in the room, as well as repeat the names of the colors and numbers up to 20. And all this is within 4 minutes.

According to Oleksandr, the script was first written in Ukrainian (by G. Britann) and then translated into Romani.


Oleksandr Grygorychenko. Photo by Olena Orlova/IRC "Legal Space".

During the premiere of the first issue, the project manager noted: the idea to create such a video arose after he learned that according to unofficial data, 29% of Roma students in universities do not know their native language.

In addition to the video, the project participants released a series of exercises "Studying the Romani language" in pdf format. You can download the collection in the annex to the article or here.


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