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School of Roma Activist will work in Lviv (+ applicant's profile)
Mykola Yurchenko, Head of the Roma of Ukraine, Ternipe. Photo by Olena Orlova/legalspace.org
Mykola Yurchenko, Head of the Roma of Ukraine, Ternipe.

In the School of Roma Activist, which will be held in Lviv in the fall of 2017, young Roma activists will receive practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to rally the team and implement initiatives that address Roma issues throughout Ukraine. The best participants in the School will be able to join the organization and holding the Roma Youth Forum 2018.

Nothing for Roma without Roma!

Do not wait for changes, change!

The fate of your people is in your hands.

Such are the messages of the School of Roma Activist – a pilot educational project supported by Roma Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation. The author of the idea, the project leader, head of the Lviv NGO "Roma of Ukraine. Ternipe"  Mykola Yurchenko spoke about its content, innovative approach in the organization, mentors and the expected results.

The idea grew from the Roma Youth Forum

Regarding the content of the training, the participants of the School are waiting for express courses on oratory and acting skills, PR, designing and thinking techniques and page layout. Young people will master the techniques of facilitation and moderation, try to play a role in politics and be engaged in debate. Also in the school program there is evenings of Roma culture, Roma parties, walks in Lviv and many surprises.

As Mykola Yurchenko said, the idea of holding the School arose even in the process of sociological research on the potential of the Roma youth, but was firmly established during Roma Youth Forum in Kyiv in April 2017. Many participants of the Forum then said that they would like to see Roma among the facilitators, and in general, in the team of those who implemented the idea of the Forum. Many were ready for volunteering, but did not know how and where to start.


Photo by Olena Orlova/legalspace.org

Young people will immediately start working on Roma topics. "Red thread" everywhere in the training will be education and motivation. This is the main task of trainers, moderators and especially guests. The last ones in the final of each session will be invited to coffee. The guest is a public person who in a format of a friendly conversation will share his/her experience, difficulties and victories, thus enhancing the faith of the youth in their forces.

At the end of November, young people will already present their work on the concept of the Roma Youth Forum-2018 in the areas of creative-conceptual content, media support, facilitation and moderation to the International Renaissance Foundation. This will be the first mass event created by the Roma for themselves.

The organizers hope that the School will give young leaders a range of opportunities, and the participants will appreciate it. It is also possible that the pilot version of the School will continue and grow into a micro-project.

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